All real estate sales must be conducted through official department
All real estate sales must be conducted through official department
The Department of Lands and Survey (DLS) on Saturday affirmed that it considers all real estate sales conducted via non-DSL agreements null and void, and the sale parties in such cases expose themselves to legal liability.

DLS Media Spokesperson Talal Ziben said in a statement to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, that any real estate purchase must be conducted with registration papers issued by the DLS and every sale that takes place outside the department is considered null by law.

Contracts for immovable properties conducted outside the DLS are also void for non-Jordanians, he said, noting that selling properties to non-Jordanians of Arab and non-Arab nationalities requires prior approval from the Cabinet.

Ownership transfers, provisions, sales procedures or actions remain valid as they are unless defence orders stipulate that they be completely or partially suspended or that some of their provisions be amended, Ziben added.

When making any real estate purchase, he said, the property must be registered under a registration deed.

A surveyor licensed by the DLS must also verify information on the real estate to be purchased, in terms of the name of the owner, the amount of shares purchased, the location of the property and other details, he added.
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