Real estate sector gains steam after government incentives

Recent government decisions have "brought an end" to the stagnation and recession in the real estate sector, as the Department of Land and Survey (DLS) has witnessed a rise in footfall, the depa

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INVESTBANK announces partnership agreement with LagtaJO

INVESTBANK, the leading provider of innovative banking solutions, has signed an agreement with LagtaJO, a leading online provider, to market banks’ real estate that are foreclosed by the Bank.

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United Real Estate Company Completes Buying Abdali Mall

Jordan is finalising the procedures of ownership transfer and all related obligations with the official authorities. Whereby, Abdali Mall Company is now 100% owned by United Real Estate Company

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Jordanian housing market declines in 2018

The number of apartments sold across the Kingdom has declined in 2018. During the first ten months of this year, the Department of Land and Survey recorded the sale of 28,500 flats, which is 1,

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